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MIZMOR - The Psalter MMXVII: Five-Year Commemorative Discography



This is a triple cassette, +3.5 hour box-set, spanning the entire Mizmor journey from song "0" to the end of "Yodh" (all 15 songs from the 7 Mizmor releases).

Cassettes are pro-dubbed on chrome-plus tape and pro-imprinted, silver ink on blue/grey smoke cassettes.

Featuring new commissioned art work from Blial Cabal; an incredibly detailed, custom themed tryptich which accurately represents the Mizmor story, each panel being one cassette cover; printed black on silver card stock.

The tapes come wrapped in a back patch of Blial's artwork; printed black on grey canvas.

Also inside the box is the complete lyrics to the Mizmor project. A handmade, 10 page booklet on translucent vellum paper.

Additionally there is a Mizmor logo metallic enamel lapel pin; black on silver.

The box includes a digital download card for the entire discography, including the brand new single, "This Unabating Wakefulness."

All this in a custom sized, printed Mizmor tuck/flap style box.

Limited to 200; hand-numbered. Hard limit of 1 per customer. All art and merch items will be exclusive to this box; I don't have intentions of reissuing this.

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