Now offering production and engineering services from Albilith Studio and abroad. Email me if the Mizmor sound is an ingredient you would like on your next record.

As well as having a hand in almost every past Mizmor release, here are some projects I recently worked on:
- “Dialetheia” by Mizmor & Andrew Black: co-recording, co-producing, mixing (home studio; released 11/2020)
- “Wit’s End” by Mizmor: recording, producing, mixing (home studio; released 1/2022)
- “Silence/Motion” by Blackwater Holylight: co-recording, producing (Odessa Studio; released 10/2021)
- Litha - S/T; recording, producing, mixing (Albilith Studio; release TBA)
- Abyssal - "A Deep Sea Funeral"; producing, co-recording (Cacho Estudio; released 8/2022)

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