Welcome to the store and thank you for taking the time to read the following. Below you will find important information regarding how shipping and communication work in this store.

Orders take up to 5 business days to process and ship out.

Domestic orders ship via USPS Media Mail, First Class, or Priority mail, whichever is cheapest and most appropriate per order (arriving usually 2-10 business days from ship-out date).

Orders outside of USA ship First Class International or Priority Mail International, whichever is cheapest and most appropriate per order (arriving usually 6-21 business days after ship-out date).

Please do not email me about your order status unless you have allowed this time to pass. Preemptive inquiries may or may not be responded to.

The shipping cost you are charged includes postage, shipping supplies, and processing fees.

Refunds: PayPal and card processessing fees are withheld and not refunded. Thus if a partial or full refund is required in your order, this amount will not be included.

*Important (especially for international customers) - There are many different product combinations, regions in the world, and possible postage scenarios. There's simply no way to program the shipping cost calculator perfectly and occasionally the shipping fee is miscalculated. I monitor orders closely and you will be contacted during processing if there is a discrepancy and more/less money is required to complete your order (this is rare). In the case of minute overcharges, extra small goodies will be added to the order; if a more substantial overcharge occurs, a respective refund will be given. In the case of a small undercharge, nothing will happen; if a more substantial undercharge occurs, you will be asked for the additional required funds to complete your order. Thanks in advance for your patience in these scenarios.

You will be emailed when your order ships out. Tracking numbers are included.

I do not offer returns but exchanges will be considered on a case by case basis.

*Also Important (especially for international customers) - Once a package leaves my hands into the care of the post office I am no longer responsible for it. I package things in a timely and safe manner but have no control over how the post office treats a package. Rarely, issues occur; when they do it's almost always an international order. Because of this I strongly recommend overseas customers first consider placing their order with my European outlets - Evil Greed, Dry Cough, Throat Ruiner, Roadburn Records/Burning World Records, Tartarus Tapes and/or Death Wish EU - not only to minimize shipping charges but to minimize distance traveled and thus potential for error. Canadian customers please check Scum Lord and Northern Demise. If you still wish to place an order with me and loss or damage is of concern to you, be it domestic or international, and you wish to add insurance to your package, please contact me so we may work out the additional postage charge, because orders/packages do not include insurance.

Orders with both apparel and music are sent as two separate packages, one of each class (Media Mail / First Class) as per requirement by USPS. This will be indicated on your parcels.

All records ship with vinyl removed from jacket, slipped behind jacket in polybag.

And of course, thank you all so much for the support. It is my honor to run this store and distribute my music to you. Please don't hesitate to contact me with questions, comments, praise, or concerns regarding matters not already addressed by this notice.